In Memory of Bill
Your Memorial My step-dad passed on to heaven last year, 1-25-2013. He had complications in a VA hospital, but he was strong~ a surviver. He got through every complication that came about. We promise to love you every moment of forever!

Your Memorial On May 24th 2013 my life changed forever. My son Aaron was killed in a car accident. He was only 29 years old. The death of a child is something I would not wish on anyone. My heart hurts and I am so sad. On Christmas of this year I received the memorial tear for a gift. I put it on a chain & wear it with an angel & pendant with my sons name.It has only been 4 days but I feel peace in wearing it.I cry all the time & this represents all the tears shed & all the tears I will continue to shed the rest of my life. Thank you. Tammy

In Memory of Jeffrey Canale
Your Memorial My Beloved son Jeff:
On Nov. 29, 2013, I lost my 29 year old son and he left a four year old daughter behind.
There is a deep hole in my heart for him and I pray this tear and rose pendent, which I will wear to my grave will remind me of the love we gave each other and in his name, the family will endeavor to share our love with others.

In Memory of My Wonderful & Loving Husband
Your Memorial I miss my husband so much I’m not sure how I living from day to day without him. I will always cherish the time we had together but more importantly is that I know I will see him again. I can’t wait for that moment. Your Loving Wife.

In Memory of Theresa Ambron
Your Memorial The love of my life, my soul mate Theresa, taken from me by pancreatic cancer at 46. She loved me like no other and made made me a better man, husband and father. She was my inspiration and her strength of character allowed me to serve with pride.
I was given a memorial tear charm which I carry and remember our love together.
I love and miss you Theresa!

In Memory of Theresa & Curt
Your Memorial Threresa, It has been only a few days since you entered into heaven. I can see you and Curt together again after only 6 years, my beautiful wife and son with our Lord and savior. I am sure,to you it will be only a blink of an eye before we all are together. Whatever happens I will always love you both. Our lives were always as one together forever.

In Memory of James Caruncho
Your Memorial My sweet baby James. Born too soon to live 9-15-2010 at 20 weeks. I wish that I held you but my pain was too much. You remind me that every day is a good day. You have an older sister Grace and Elizabeth born one yr after my loss. Your father and I love James Taylor music and has gotten thru some difficult times. I miss and think of u everyday. Meet u in heaven xoxo!

In Memory of Justin Lee Snyder
27 years ago today I held you in my arms for the first time wondering if I would be able to keep you safe. Instead you kept me safe in a very special way; just being you. Your bright smile,energy, and special hugs meant everything to all of us. Hope your steppin one out in heaven. As I wish that you were here to blow out candles on a birthday cake and spend the day with me Dad and Rhiannon, I also know that my wish can only be that you are spending a special day with Jesus. Thank you for making me complete and making 20 years so beautiful. But mostly Thank you for being our son.
Love you always
-Melody Snyder

In Memory of David Lee Webber and Dorothy Casella

My Beloved David went missing Nov 7, 2000 and was found Nov 12, 2000. He was 38. A friend found the Memorial Tear for me and our 3 daughters. I have never taken it off and its been 11 years. I even wore it when I remarried. I had the design etched into his headstone. I then lost my mother Dorothy 4 years later. I had her initial added to the back of the pendants. I have given this pendant to 6 of my students who have lost a parent or sibling (I am a HS teacher) and they wear them with love.
– Christina Webber

In Memory of Regina Kay Sutton
Regina was considered one of my closest friends. I looked to her for everything. She had a terrible car wreck and after that my life changed completely. Best thing is have is her daughter is in my life and I her love very much
-Julie Haynes

In Memory of Pat Bogard
I lost my dad from cancer this January (2011). It all happened so quick we felt like we were in a tornado…But praise God for peace through the storms! I received this Memorial Tear from my dad’s special friends for Christmas time….It has brought comfort and a reminder that “love never ends” with God we can continue to show love to all just as God showed us love during the tough time.
– Tammi

In Memory of Beverly Mae Kitzmann
To my wife Beverly, whose last words to me on this earth were “I love you to”. She then went into a coma and died shortly thereafter.
-Leonard Kitzmann

In Memory of Theresa Tharp-Turner
Our daughter, 37 yrs. old passed away Oct.11, 2011 of breast cancer. She has always been our “angel”, born a dignified and graceful warrior over 2 months early, and she has had to fight through several trials. She fought this dreaded disease for 8 years before she passed and died with such dignity and grace by which she lived. My sister gave me the Memorial tear and I will treasure it always. Thank you Judy and God bless.
-Jim Tharp

In Memory of Nickolas Mueller
October 26, 2009 three men knocked on our front door. We knew a Chinook helicopter had gone down in Afghanistan that morning. It was three minutes past midnight. Those three men came from Nick’s unit to tell us what had happened. Those three men knew our son Nick. They lost five Night Stalkers, two Special Forces and three DEA in that crash, all up front and 26 lived. As I have read some of the stories, it just does not get any better. We will never be complete again. Yes, the good die young, don’t they. Nick is in our hearts and as long as we breath, Nick will remain in our hearts guiding us. I received the memorial tear necklace from a dear friend. Love will never end and stays with us forever. We miss you Nick and Love you so much. Forever in our hearts.
Larry, Sharon, John, Stef, Audrey and Jaxon
Sgt Nickolas A. Mueller
160th Special Operation
Night Stalkers
6/21/83 – 10/26/09
Arlington 60 9196

In Memory of Richie Adams 5-1-1979/6-4-2010
Richie spread his wings and flew home on June 4, 2010. He was our sunshine, our pride and joy, our best buddy, and our heart. He was the center of our family. He is missed very much by all who knew and loved him. The Memorial Tear is a very nice reminder for his dad to have. We love you, Richman!
-Momma and daddy

In Memory of Jr.Lorton
-Joni Rodgers

In Memory of Johnny and Bessie Louise Carter
When I first saw the memorial tear necklace in August 2011 I started crying in the store. I bought the necklace in memory of my father and mother who entered heaven within 18 hours of each other. They were the best and sweetest parents any daughter could pray for and it was my pleasure to love and care for them. They were in the hospital together for different reasons in 2008 and we never separated them as they entered a nursing care facility and three years later, March 2011 entered heaven. On March 6 they celebrated their 68th anniversary, Dad died March 8 and Mom died March 9. I am still grieving, but smile with the thought of them together hand-in-hand in heaven. I will wear the teardrop often in memory of Johnny and Bessie Louise.
-Sandy Carter McCoy

In Memory of William N. Douglas
I lost my Dad on May 1, 2011. I was given a Memorial Tear Sympathy Card by my cousin, who is the most thoughtful person ever. She gave it to me to help me get through Father’s Day and it meant more than she could ever know. I miss my Dad so much, but he lives on in my heart forever. It is true that “love never ends”. I will give these cards to those I know who need comfort.

In Memory of my mom, Vonnie
I lost my mom and one of my best friends Feb. 15, 2011. She struggled with spinal disease and COPD for many, many years and endured great pain. She faced this with such courage and dignity; she has left us an amazing legacy of her strength and love. I was so happy for you that you passed on so peacefully, because you deserved that. I didn’t realize how painful it would be for me, being left behind. I will miss you and love you every day of my life and I can’t wait to see you again. I love you berry many worlds full Mama!

In Memory of Floy Bryant
I lost my Mama on May 9,2011. She held on all day May 8, 2011 the nurses told me because it was Mother’s Day. Nothing, NOT even the soul bruising pain of losing my Mama, could alter the memory of her on Mother’s Day for me. She was and is my special angel forever. I LOVE YOU MAMA ALWAYS.
-Peggy Bryant

In Memory of My Dad Garry Taylor
I lost my dad on July 31st 2010 to lung cancer. We found out and 2 weeks later he had been taken from us. It’s been so hard getting through it with my three boys but I recently received a memorial tear and I know my dad will be with me always and we will see each other again. I miss you dad forever and always.
-Terra Martin

In Memory of My Daughter, Annaya Marie
You shared my body for 36.4 weeks and was born still on my birthday. At first, I thought I was being cursed but now 10 months later… I realize that we will forever be connected via our birthday, August 27, 2010 and 1973.
I will ALWAYS love and miss you my sweet angel.
Sweet Dreams and until we meet again.
-Love, Mommy

In Memory of William B. Sola
We said our goodbyes to you and I when I last saw you alive, I knew this day was coming. I have no regrets because we said all that needed to be said. I will always love you daddy.
-Lydia Cotter

In Memory of Dianne Cornell
A year and a half ago I lost the best friend anyone could ever have or asked for. She taught me more than anyone else in my life. I miss her everyday and try to patiently await meeting her again. I miss you more than I could ever put into words. I love you as a sister and best friend.

In Memory of Chloe Fruth
At 16 years of age the world has lost someone who would have been of great importance. You were very caring of all that you met. Those you leave behind will miss you every day. You have left your mark in this world even at such a young age. I know that you would have made great changes and improvements in this world had God allowed you to stay. He had other plans for you though. We all love and miss you Chloe. You were one of the bravest people I have ever known.
In Memory of Bradley S. DeBerry
I was given this memorial tear card at the cemetery while choosing a cremains niche for my husband, Brad, who passed away at the age of 53 on March 11, 2012. We have three children and he was the love of my life and soul mate. The tear just makes me know and feel that “our” love will never end and he will never be forgotten. He was a wonderful husband and father as well as provider. Thank you for providing a symbol for eternal love. Forever in my heart.
-Your wife, Lisa.

In Memory of Mildred Louise Payton
I lost the best friend I ever had on 6/18/2012.We had been friends for 42 years and I miss her dearly. Her daughter Judy gave me one of the tear drops to wear in her memory. I felt so honored and it really means a lot to me because my love for her will never end.
-Jeannette Crawford

In Memory of My Sister, Arlene
You lived far away and I didn’t get to see you or spend time with you often but the love and bond sisters share is not bound by distance. As the oldest of the “little girls” you led us on many great adventures and taught us so much. I always wanted to be like you but you were one of a kind. Seeing the number of people who knew you and were touched by you in some way is your final inspiration to me to care first about people and let God’s love shine through me to them. I will miss you but and I look forward to seeing you in heaven. You will be on this earth forever in my heart.
-Carolyn Johnson

In Memory of Garry Taylor
I lost my dad on July 31st 2010 to lung cancer.We found out and 2 weeks later he had been taken from us.Its been so hard getting through it with my three boys but i recently recived a memorial tear and I know my dad will be with me always and we will see each other again. I miss you dad forever and always.
In Memory of Cesar Vanegas
Cesar passed on November 17,2009.Yesterday was a year since you passed.Cesar was a very sweet kind young man.He would light up a room with his smile.And when he laughed it was he made you laugh.I am only getting through this cause I know only the good die young and God must have needed you for something else.until we meet again.XXOO…11-5-1991–11-17-2009
-Tracy Connelly
In Memory of John B. Abalos
I lost my dad on oct.29,2010. its been hard but I know he’s in a better place(NO PAIN,SORROW…ONLY LOVE N HAPPINESS). I received the memorial tear about 2wks later and it has brought me great comfort and peace. its the most precious thing my daughter and son-in-law could of given me.
-Victoria Garcia

In Memory of Zachary D. Smith
Six months ago we heard the most terrible news parents could hear. Our son was in Afghanistan and had been killed on January 24th, 2010. Zach was a vibrant, loving, caring, beautiful young man who showed his love all the time to everyone. He married the love of his life last July and was deployed in December. Zach was only in Afghanistan for 40 days, and he was killed while in combat operations. Zach was living his life how he wanted to and became a United States Marine right after High School graduation. I have learned that life is too short, and that we never know what tomorrow can bring. I have been blessed with a beautiful husband Chris, and three beautiful children- Nate (23), Zach (19), and Grace (11). My life was perfect and I knew it, this has forever changed my life and we will never be complete. We have many family and friends that support us and I am also thankful for each and every one of them. The pain of losing a child is still hard to imagine….and I am living it. “Zach- you will never be forgotten—we will always remember your beautiful smile and the joy you brought to us. We are so proud of you.” The memorial tear was given to us by friends, and there is so much meaning- that we will always share this in times that we will need to support our family and friends. Zach- rest in peace my baby…someday we will be together again…..I long for that day to receive a hug from my 6’3″ angel with combat boots.

In Memory of Dad and my Duncan Braveheart

I miss my Dad even after 18 years. I know he’s keeping an eye on me, as is my Sweetie… my most special dog: Duncan Braveheart. -Rhybeckah
In Memory of Mom
I lost my mother on January 30 2010 and it is really a difficult time with her gone. The memorial pendant was bought for me and it is a beautiful pendant. It gives such comfort in my time of grief. I miss my mom so much and she was everything to me. I love and miss her now always and forever. This pendant is a tribute to her.

In Memory of Vincent D. Merrill
My husband and best friend, God took you away from me too soon and I am struggleing every day to get by. We had a very rough life together for the past 16yrs. It was only 9 monthes after we got married that we found out that you had a brain tumor that was cancer. But we got through that, you held on for the next 16yrs with a lot of other problums that came along.Then in 2008 you started having strokes. Now in March of 2010 you had a major stroke witch left you not being able to talk eat drink or walk. On Easter Day 2010 God took you home with him. I MISS YOU SOO MUCH NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW JUST HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME EVERY DAY TO TRY TO GO ON WITHOUT YOU. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER. LOVE ,YOUR WIFE JACKIE

In Memory of My brother, Vincent Robert
My wedding had been planned for a year, the dress was bought, the wedding rings were sized and the flowers were decided on. My wedding day, August 15th came and went like a fairytale that every bride should experience. My two brothers were in the wedding party, and my middle brother, Vinny, looked particularly handsome with his blue eyes against the blue tux vest that matched the bridesmaid dresses. I saw Vinny the next day at brunch….had I known that would be the last day I saw him, I would have stayed to talk with him just a bit longer….while on my honeymoon, on August 19th, Vinny was called by the Angels to everlasting peace in Heaven. Vincent was a loved son, brother, cousin, and most of all, father to a beautiful 19 month old daughter, Angelina. Vinny was only 25 years old when he passed, and not a morning goes by that I don’t wake up and think everything was just a terrible nightmare. Vinny is missed by his entire family beyond words. He was a strong man who had a particular talent in electronics and fixing anything from a car to a microwave. My heart aches for my own loss, but especially for my parents who lost a son that they brought into this world, and for Angelina who will never get to go fishing, or experience life with her amazing father. I purchased the memorial tear for my entire family to wear in Vinny’s memory. God Bless you, Vinny! May you Rest In Peace. We love you!

On December 21st, 2009, God took you away from us, a loving and caring husband, a good son and brother and uncle and a best friend to all. You spent all your young years in laughter, kindness to all, helping whenever you can, bringing joy to each and anyone you meet. You gave me a beautiful life and in a split second, you left. But you left us with all beautiful memories. I love you forever and a day. I miss you so much it hurts. You are now my guardian angel and always smiling here and up above. Make a room for me when it is time for us to meet again. Till we meet again. I love you…forever..
-Fe Cordova

In Memory of Freddy R Mason
On January 29th, 2010, I lost my Soul Mate, the Love of My Life. He was stricken with a sudden Asthma attack, and died in my arm. He was only 47yrs. old. I wonder every day if I will ever feel whole again…He was so vibrant, & full of life.He had a zest for life & family like no one else I’ve ever known….I receivedmy Memorial Tear Pin from my Father in Law. I only remove it to go to bed… Somehow it gives me the strength to go on, for myself & our 14 yr. old son Cody….We will Miss You & Love You Forever Freddy
-Michele Lheureux-Mason
In Memory of Monica Minette NielsenOlson
My dear twin sister Monica was taken from us on January 26, 2010. She left us far to soon – she was only 44 years old. We are struggling to understand WHY…but we may never get an answer. She leaves behind two beautiful daughters – Ashley (15) and Taylor (13) and a legacy of caring and service to her community. She was not a perfect person – but she was a good person. We miss her everyday.
-Michelle Nielsen
In Memory of Jill Durso

I miss my mom so much. She only passed a week ago, on April 16th 2010. It was so sudden and unexpected I couldn’t even say goodbye. I Just wish I could talk to you again. Mothers day is going to be so hard this year. I love you and miss you mom.
-Gina Winbush

Daughter and Mother

I received my memorial tear necklace upon the passing of my mother. It was a gift from a co-worker and dear friend of my mother’s. It has been a treasured gift and I wear it often. My husband and I lost a daughter at 32 weeks pregnant, had a wonderful son two years later and then I lost my mother to cancer just three months after our son was born. She was only 52 years old. Losing our daughter and my mother has been a constant struggle for me to keep myself afloat. Having this necklace has been a great comfort to me and I treasure it each time I wear it. Thank you for this beautiful creation and for sharing it with us.
– Tara

In Memory of My Sweet Mother

My Mom passed away Jan. 26, 2010 It’s already been a month since she has been gone She died in the arms of my brother and me of a heart attack. I still don,t know what to do with myself or If I ever will, I know she is in heaven with Dad, I miss her so much…
-Marie Ann

In Memory of My Dad

My Dad died Sept. 30, 2009 after finding out unexpectedly he had lung cancer Sept. 8, the next few weeks were horrible he suffered terribly…although he was a hard man I still miss & mourn him, Until we meet again Dad…
-Marie Ann

In Memory of John “Jay” Sibiski

This is dedicated to my loving husband Jay. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you and cry because I miss you so much. You took part of my heart with you. I don’t regret one day of our life together, I’m sad it was only for 28 years. They were the best years of my life. We lived true to our wedding vows “in sickness and in health.” You were sick for 5 years especially the last year and a half and I would take care of you again if I could. I’m comforted in knowing that you are no longer suffering and that our love continues. I feel your presence and I know you are watching over me. Until the day we meet again in heaven, I will miss you. I love you for eternity.
-Pat Sibiski

In Memory of Rosalia Diaz

She was my beloved mother; she died from HIV and left five kids with her love. We will always remember her for what she was, a woman that lived alone to love and raise her kids.
-Debora Irizarry

In Memory of Dewey Ray Huskey

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss ya daddy… We love and miss you…
– Parker Huskey

In Memory of Jack

I will always love my baby Jack. The sweetest little angel.

In Memory of Rochelle Bequette-Parnitzke
This is dedicated to my sister who lost her battle to breast cancer at 32. She was my best friend and I miss her very much. She left behind a loving husband, a young daughter, family and friends. I purchased the Memorial Tear pin to wear on my name badge at work. She will be forever in my heart.
For my mom, my dad, and my best friend

Trinity Faith
On September 20, 2009, I delivered my third born child, and my third girl, Trinity Faith. Trinity was born at 23 weeks gestation, so she was alive when she was born, but she was not able to breath on her own. At only 1 lb. 3.5 oz. and 11 1/2 inches long, she passed just a few moments after she was born. I miss her like crazy! Now, I have been through quite a few tragedies in my life including an uncle killed in a freak car accident and an immediate family member committing suicide, but losing a child is by far the worst for me. We have had, and still do have a lot of love and support which has and is helping us get through this terrible experience. Trinity taught me a lot even though she only “lived” for maybe two minutes, and I will always keep that with me and continue to grow and hopefully be able to help others some day. I received the Memorial Tear necklace from my team at my office. It is beautiful. My teammates are truly the best! To my beautiful little angel Trinity Faith, you don’t know me and I really don’t know you but I want you to know that I will always love you and I cannot wait until the day comes that I get to see you again. I will learn everything there is to learn about you and I will hold you in my arms so tight. I promise once we are reunited I will never let you go. I miss you baby girl and I love you with all of my heart. Rest in sweet, heavenly peace my little angel.
-Michele Winiecki
The Triple Threat, Mom, Dad, and Nana
When I was growing up, my mom and I weren’t very close. She got married at 19. Had me at 20. My sister at 25 and was a widow at 27. My dad was 18 years older than her. She raised us 2 girls as best she could. She had quite a few health problems growing up herself. My sister and I both went on to further our education. My sister becoming a lab tech for the Red Cross and I an LPN. Mom passed away in 2004. On Dec. 21st.,after a very lengthy illness. We got closer when I was about 26. I am now 55. I feel as if I have a whole in my heart. Dad passed away when I was 7 and my sis was 2. Mom was 70 when she passed. People say time heals. Well, I can’t for the life of me figure when that will be. My mom’s mom died 9 months after she did. Nana and I were very close. Nana was there for us all, always. So I guess this is a memorial for all three of them. Mom, Dad, and Nana. If anyone has any suggestions on how to cope with this grief. Please pass it on.

I lost my mom to cancer in June, 1998, and then my dad to cancer in December, 2005. I took care of the both of them while they were struggling with cancer treatments, and even though they say that time heals, not a day goes by that I don’t think of them and miss them. I want to tell them so much of what is happening in our lives. Then in November, 2009, my best friend of 20 years, Barb, passed away from leukemia. She had only been sick for 4 weeks. Again, I took such good care of her while she stayed those 4 weeks in the hospital. I wear this necklace in memory of these three very beloved people that made such a difference in my life. What I learned from them I will never forget. I know that God is taking good care of them, but the hurt is still there. I pray that others who are hurting will feel peace in their hearts.